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Geoff Kennedy, CEO Dussmann Asia Pacific

When it was time to build a food production platform for our business in Asia there was only one choice. Having had the pleasure of working with Jay over the last number of years I was confident that Jay would be able to deliver on our expectations, manage the project efficiently on time and on budget. 

Jay has a deep understanding of food service business needs in Asia and also the challenges. His uncompromising focus on quality, value and commitment to timelines helped push the project forward and keep it on track. 

Fundamental to Jays approach is his considerable knowledge in creating change within an organization and how to ensure, when doing so, you create a sense of urgency and motivation, including the entire team. The secret to his success is building long-term business relationships built on knowledge and integrity. I look forward to working with Jay on many projects in the future !! 

Karen DiPeri, HMG+


Oh, what I didn't know! My business partner and I recently engaged Jay Zweibaum as a consultant to help us take our business to the next level. After operating for 23 years, we felt it was a great opportunity to learn from a seasoned operator and leader in the hospitality industry. In the past several months he has helped us implement processes and policies, sharing valuable insight into people management, data analytics, profitability and contracts. Jay has brought his big business knowledge to our small but mighty firm and I highly recommend him.

Andrew Stoneman, Exemplar Healthcare

I worked with Jay on various projects in South America. Jay is a seasoned results oriented professional with significant experience in the food service and hospitality industry. He is a clear articulate leader and a committed team player. His familiarity with diverse global business and his record of delivery, give him instant credibility. He is able to build strong and effective relationships wherever he goes, relationships which ultimately help him get to the root of a problem, negotiate and agree solutions, and drive improved performance. He is the sort of colleague you want to have around, both in the office and after work.

Ken Kozielski, Wyndham Vacation Clubs

Jay is the most valuable business partner when we need to cascade solutions to the International community. His track record of performance gives him instant credibility, his familiarity with diverse global business cultures makes his participation as valuable as a translator and his collaborative nature fosters higher performing relationships.  
Functionally, Jay dissects and optimizes processes to achieve efficiencies and better business outcomes. To summarize, we would not be positioned for achieving the successes we have without Jay as a business partner.

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